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Vernewell Group : Contributing To The Next Quantum Leap in The MENA Region Through Education

The newest SpinQ Portable NMR Quantum Computer Triangulum Mini, 3 qubits, in its new design under Vernewell branding

Dubai, UAE – Vernewell Academy and Vernewell Management Consultancies, the affiliates that are trailblazing quantum technologies’ innovation consultancies and quantum computing education in the region, announced today the exclusive distribution rights for SpinQ NMR quantum computers under “Vernewell” brand.

From quantum innovation advisory to NMR quantum computers and special software, Vernewell Management Consultancies and the newly launched Vernewewell Academy, are striving to revolutionize quantum education and technology in the MENA region.

Democratizing Education and Popularizing Quantum Computing

Following its mission to catalyze technological development, accelerate scientific discoveries, and steer economic growth, Vernewell Management Consultancies have launched Vernewell Academy to democratize knowledge, enable access to STEM education, and build capacity for innovating new technologies.

"Quantum computing represents a paradigm shift in the computing industry, with the potential to solve problems beyond the realm of classical computing. In fact, I have always envisioned our contribution to this technological development and bringing the power of this technology to the space sector, be it through education or innovation. Our collaboration with SpinQ is a leap forward to achieve our vision and drive momentum to prepare the future taskforce in the region with future skills."

Mrs. Malak Trabelsi Loeb
Managing Director of Vernewell Group

Bringing Quantum Computer to Life

SpinQ is a company that provides one-stop solutions in quantum computing, and has extensive business coverage from practical superconducting quantum computer, desktop NMR quantum computer, universal quantum computing cloud platform to software to empower research in the areas of scientific research, education, drug R&D, financial technology, artificial intelligence, and many other frontier technologies. Since established in 2018, SpinQ is working closely with partners in finding solutions to specific scenarios to make quantum computing available and usable to real life.

Have your own NMR quantum computers via Vernewell Group

After revealing the NMR Gemini Mini, a portable quantum computer, 2 qubits, in Dubai’s Vernwell Management Consultancies premises, Vernewell Academy is launching its training programs and customized offers and packages to educational institutions, organizations and the general public.

Aiming to be a leader in the field of quantum technology in the region, Vernewell Group is paving the way for a brighter future through innovative education programs and access to state-of-the-art quantum computers. Empowering individuals and institutions alike, Vernewell is democratizing knowledge and revolutionizing the field of quantum computing through education. The following are SpinQ’s NMR quantum computers under Vernewell Brand:


NMR Gemini Desktop quantum computer, 2 qubits, offers a comprehensive solution for quantum computing education, with customized quantum algorithm circuit designing and programming. It demonstrates over ten well-known quantum algorithms, such as the Deutsch algorithm, Grover algorithm, and HHL algorithm. It additionally offers teaching materials, including Rabi oscillations observations, Bell-state preparation, and Decoherence time-measurement. It contains a state-of-the-art designated physical system with an optimized control and measurement system to support the implementation of about 100 quantum gates on a single-qubit and 50 quantum gates on a two-qubits system. It enables the use of the Quantum Processing Unit (QPU) and the fast implementation of quantum computing tasks. It enables users to access the complete quantum computing process, including experimental data collection of the final results.


NMR Gemini Mini, 2 qubits, is a touch system that provides comprehensive quantum computing education and demonstration solutions. The equipment integrates 2 qubits real quantum computing system and up to 8 qubits quantum computing simulator. It supports users to experience customized quantum circuits. The NMR Gemini Mini, 2 qubits, offers built-in quantum computing courses, from basic concepts to more advanced matters. The portable device can be used for teaching and self-studying. It can be connected to other NMR quantum computers to create a quantum computer network. The equipment is good for users with different backgrounds to learn quantum computing.


NMR Triangulum Desktop quantum computer, 3 qubits, provides a comprehensive solution for quantum computing education. The device is a real quantum computer based on NMR technology. It is supported by the customized quantum algorithm and circuit design. It can execute 3 qubits of complex quantum algorithms, such as the Quantum Fourier Transform and Grover search algorithm.


NMR Triangulum Mini quantum computer, 3 qubits, provides a comprehensive solution for quantum computing education. The device is a real quantum computer based on NMR technology. It is supported by the customized quantum algorithm and circuit design. It can execute 3 qubits of complex quantum algorithms, such as the Quantum Fourier Transform and Grover search algorithm. Its measurement and control system support operations of up to 30 single-qubit and 10 two-qubit quantum logic gates.

Packages and Training Programs for Organizations and Institutions

To enable access to knowledge and propel innovation while popularizing quantum education, Vernewell Academy offers opportunities for individuals to learn and use Gemini Mini Desktop NMR Quantum Computer – 2 qubits in Dubai and online. Vernewell Academy also offers unique packages to educational institutions and organizations that include customized quantum computing training programs with the purchase of the NMR Quantum Computers.

We Assist You Building your own Quantum Classroom

Vernewell Academy provides a user-oriented experience for students of various levels, from primary schools to universities and research centers, thanks to the combination of solutions that can be created to create a Quantum Classroom experience. A combination of the NMR Gemini Mini quantum computers, 2 qubits, the NMR Triangulum computer, 3qubits and the NMR Gemini Desktop quantum computer in one classroom would allow students or researchers to have an unprecedented experience, also using a series of supporting courses. The courses offer a combination of theoretical study and hands-on experimentation, allowing students to understand quantum computing principles and programming knowledge more deeply.

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