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Vernewell Academy Leadership Conducts Innovative Seminars in Tunis

Tunis, Tunisia – March 2023. The Managing Director of Vernewell Academy, Mrs. Malak Trabelsi Loeb, and Provost, Dr. Nabil El Kadhi, delivered captivating workshops at the Alumni Association of ISG Tunis Seminars during their annual conference. Held at Hotel El Mouradi Gammarth, the event attracted a diverse audience from academia and various industries, all eager to learn and develop new skills.

Mrs. Loeb’s “DARQ Technologies and Future Trends for Business” workshop offered a comprehensive and interactive experience. She delved into the world of emerging technologies such as distributed ledger, artificial intelligence, extended reality, and quantum computing. The workshop demystified these technologies, providing participants with a clear understanding of the economic ecosystem surrounding DARQ technologies and their practical applications for businesses in strategic sectors such as space and pharmaceutical.

Dr. El Kadhi’s groundbreaking workshop, “MADSKILLS: Activated Positive Neurons (PNE1) – Stage 1,” focused on empowering attendees by activating positive neurons and equipping them with essential skills to thrive in the ever-changing digital landscape. As a crucial component of Vernewell Academy’s signature training program, Dr. El Kadhi’s enthusiasm and expertise left participants feeling inspired and ready to embrace their full potential in the face of the future.

The conference also included several special sessions, such as a competition for the best research and development work, a “Bright Meeting” for teacher book authors, an alumni gathering titled “Stronger Together,” a B2B exhibition on the METAVERSE, powered by Collectivibe Metaverse platform, and a closing ceremony aimed at expanding the alumni network and enhancing the professional and educational experiences of the institute’s graduates.

The event’s primary objectives were to showcase future technologies for businesses and universities, discuss corporate and academic social responsibility in relation to national development, and raise awareness about ethics in digital platforms and artificial intelligence. Additionally, it sought to establish a network between graduates of ISG Tunis, students, faculty, and international stakeholders, including Vernewell Academy, to foster collaboration, human development, and innovation.

Vernewell Academy is honoured to have participated in this prestigious event and remains committed to developing human capacity and empowering current and future generations of leaders. Keep an eye out for more exciting updates from Vernewell Academy in our upcoming newsletters.

About DARQ Technologies and Future Trends for Business” workshop:

DARQ technologies are revolutionizing industries by reducing processes, enhancing efficiency, and generating revenue. DLT secures financial transactions, AI automates and makes informed judgments, XR transforms human-tech interactions, and QC solves complicated problems. These technologies combined can transform space, health, and pharmaceuticals. This workshop will explore how DARQ affects many current sectors and highlight their potential, as well as how businesses can excel by integrating these technologies.

Aim: The aim of this workshop is to provide participants with an in-depth introduction to DARQ and its potential business applications. The participants will also explore their use in diverse sectors, including space, healthcare, and pharmaceutical sectors. Participants will learn how businesses may use these cutting-edge technologies to have a competitive advantage and stay ahead of the competition.

Workshop Description: DARQ, an acronym for Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Extended Reality (XR), and Quantum Computing (QC), is disrupting many sectors. The power of these technologies is already tested in various sectors as they are deployed to help businesses streamline processes, boost efficiency, and generate new revenue. For example, DLT is currently being utilized for safeguarding financial transactions, improving supply chain management, and verifying product authenticity. AI is being used to automate jobs and make smarter decisions by evaluating vast volumes of data. XR is changing how humans and technology interact across many sectors, including entertainment, education, and training. Finally, quantum computing is opening new pathways in research and development, medicine, and finance, allowing firms to solve difficult issues in a fraction of the time it would take classical computers. However, DARQ technologies combined have great revolutionary power, and their future uses can profoundly impact businesses across various sectors, such as the space, health, and pharmaceutical sectors. This workshop sheds light on how DARQ technologies are already reshaping industries, highlight their huge potential and show how businesses should grasp the ramifications of these technologies and decide how to integrate them into their operations to stay ahead of the curve.

About MADSKILLS: Activated Positive Neurons (PNE1) – Stage 1 Workshop:

In today’s rapidly evolving world, characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA), human capabilities have become increasingly vital to meet future job market demands. As technology advances and automation reshapes our lives, developing a unique set of skills that complement critical thinking and creativity is essential. MADSKILLS is here to help you unlock these valuable skills.

Vernewell Academy’s MADSKILLS certification program nurtures and enhances your behavioral and business-related abilities. With this holistic approach, you’ll be equipped to confidently navigate any uncertain, ambiguous, and complex situation, making informed decisions, and leveraging cutting-edge tools and technology.

Aim: The primary objective of this workshop is to empower trainees with cutting-edge strategies and methods that foster motivation, appreciation, and determination on both individual and team levels while nurturing self-awareness, strengthening communication abilities, and cultivating a thriving environment of constant learning and personal development within the organization.

Workshop Description: 06 Hours of hand-on reflective analysis to develop a deep understanding of Motivation, Appreciation and Determination. From a self-reflection to a self-construction of own understanding of the previous concepts to a team building exercise aiming to spread reflective thinking related to the work environment for appropriate Motivation Appreciation and Determination mood within a positive thinking group setting.

Stay Tuned for our Signature MADSKILLS Training Program Release soon.

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