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Digital Technologies for Innovative Climate Action: Exploring Cooperation Opportunities Between Slovenia/EU and UAE in the Run-up to COP28

[Dubai, UAE] – On the auspicious occasion of 22 May 2023, a momentous event titled “Digital Technologies for Innovative Climate Action” unfolded within the enchanting setting of the Regional Hub for Advanced Digital Technologies at the Slovenian pavilion, situated in the heart of Dubai EXPO City. The event, organized by the Ministry of the Economy, Tourism, and Sport in collaboration with SPIRIT Slovenia Business Development Agency, IAAI GloCha, Climate Chain Coalition, Chamber of Commerce, Slovenia, and World Metaverse Council, served as a platform to explore cooperation opportunities between Slovenia/EU and the United Arab Emirates in the lead-up to COP28.

In a world where urgent climate action is of paramount importance, the event centered its focus on fostering resilient support systems that harness the immense potential of digital innovation. Central to this endeavor was the imperative to strengthen all stakeholders’ knowledge, competencies, and skills. The Regional Hub for Advanced Digital Technologies, acting as a catalyst for progress, embarked on a mission to cultivate a robust, knowledge-driven network while expediting the deployment of cutting-edge digital technologies.

The event featured several distinguished speakers and presentations highlighting various subjects and contributions. Her Excellency Natalia Al Mansour, Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia to the UAE, Bahrain, and Qatar, delivered a welcome speech emphasizing collaboration between Slovenia/EU and the UAE in addressing climate challenges. Mrs. Jane Thomason from the World Metaverse Council delivered a keynote speech on “The Future of Work” in the digital era. Presentations on smart city solutions included the Municipality of Ljubljana, Pattern City Velenje, and Miroslav Polzer, discussing their efforts towards achieving net-zero emissions. The UAE’s ecosystem for advanced digital technologies was explored through presentations by Dubai World Trade Center, Vernewell Management Consultancies, Dubai Blockchain Center, and more. Sessions on COP28, edutainment, and the DigitalArt4Climate program showcased initiatives by Miroslav Polzer. The session on Blockchain4Climate programs featured contributions from Miroslav Polzer, Hasan Algarhy, Tadej Slapnik, Daniel Roopnarine, Mohammad Alkaff, and Blockchain 100+ Tonia Damvakeraki, discussing related programs and solutions in UAE and Slovenia.

One of the highly anticipated highlights of the event was the captivating presentation on the ecosystem for Advanced Digital Technologies in the UAE by Mrs. Malak Trabelsi Loeb, Founder of Vernewell Management Consultancies and Vernewell Academy. Mrs. Loeb, renowned for her visionary leadership, illuminated the audience with her unparalleled expertise. Her insightful session, titled “Innovation, Capacity Building, and the Future of DARQ Technologies: A Vernewell Perspective,” delved into the pivotal role that innovation and capacity building play in driving the adoption and advancement of DARQ technologies—Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Extended Reality (XR), and Quantum Computing (QC).

With eloquence and passion, Mrs. Malak Trabelsi Loeb painted a vivid picture of Vernewell’s unwavering commitment to catalyzing technological development, propelling scientific discoveries, and steering economic growth. Vernewell Management Consultancies and Vernewell Academy are at the forefront of empowering individuals to harness their full potential, democratizing education, and nurturing the next generation of change agents with the audacity to shape a brighter future.

Unveiling Vernewell’s Commitment to Change 


Mrs. Loeb’s presentation transcended the boundaries of a typical corporate showcase, immersing the audience in Vernewell’s unwavering commitment to technological development, scientific discoveries, and economic growth. Vernewell Management Consultancies and Vernewell Academy serve as catalysts for empowering individuals, democratizing education, and nurturing the next generation of change agents. Their approach, firmly grounded in innovative capacity building, has birthed the pioneering Vernewell Academy—a transformative platform offering immersive workshops, cutting-edge online courses, and bespoke training programs. By focusing on emerging technologies such as DLT, AI, XR, and QC, Vernewell stands at the vanguard of innovation, actively shaping the future and empowering individuals to become active contributors in this grand digital revolution.


Forging Global Partnerships for a Sustainable Future


The event showcased Vernewell’s remarkable contributions and fostered fruitful collaborations on an international scale. By exchanging best practices and knowledge, participants delved into developing systemic solutions and programs that transcend borders, fostering the transfer of digital skills and nurturing an interconnected network of stakeholders. The presence of the esteemed Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia to the UAE, Bahrain, and Qatar added a touch of diplomatic wisdom to the discussions, emphasizing the commitment of Vernewell Group’s founder to forge strong ties around new technologies to transcend geographical and geopolitical boundaries.


Contributing to the Quantum Leap


Amidst the captivating presentation by Mrs. Malak Trabelsi Loeb, Founder of Vernewell Management Consultancies and Vernewell Academy, the power of DARQ technologies took center stage, particularly emphasizing the limitless potential of quantum computing. Mrs. Loeb eloquently highlighted how quantum computing has the capability to revolutionize fields such as cryptography, optimization, drug discovery, and climate modeling. She emphasized that quantum computing has the power to solve complex problems at an unprecedented speed, opening doors to breakthrough discoveries and innovations that were previously unimaginable.


Mrs. Loeb’s personal investment and unwavering belief in the emerging field of quantum computing became evident as she shared her passion and dedication to its advancement. Recognizing its transformative power, she underscored the need for continuous investment, research, and collaboration to unlock the true potential of this groundbreaking technology. By positioning Vernewell at the forefront of quantum computing education, research, and development, she showcased the company’s commitment to driving innovation and staying ahead of the curve in this dynamic field.


Transcending Geopolitical Barriers through Capacity Building


Vernewell’s role in capacity building extended far beyond technical expertise. Mrs. Loeb emphasized that transcending geopolitical tensions and creating a favorable environment for innovation required nurturing a global network of change-makers. Vernewell Academy’s unique blend of space, science, and technology, entrepreneurship workshops, online courses, and customized training programs aimed to empower individuals from diverse backgrounds to become active contributors to the quantum revolution.


With its headquarters in Dubai, UAE, Vernewell serves as a powerful catalyst for innovation, bringing together experts, entrepreneurs, and visionaries worldwide. Mrs. Loeb passionately called upon change makers to converge in Dubai, inviting them to contribute to the next quantum leap and shape the future of digital technologies. By fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and skill development, Vernewell aimed to create an inclusive ecosystem that transcends borders and nurtures innovation on a global scale.


A Call to Action 


As the event unfolded, the call to action resonated deeply with participants. The vision of Vernewell and Mrs. Loeb’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of possibility ignited a spark within attendees, fueling their determination to contribute to the quantum leap from Dubai, the UAE. Vernewell’s role as a hub of innovation, education, and collaboration became a beacon of hope, offering a platform for change makers to unite and drive the advancement of DARQ technologies, particularly quantum computing, to new heights.


In this era of rapid technological transformation, Vernewell’s dedication to capacity building and its emphasis on transcending geopolitical tensions underscored the company’s broader mission to create a sustainable and inclusive future. By embracing emerging technologies and fostering a global community of change-makers, Vernewell positioned itself as a catalyst for progress, inspiring individuals from all walks of life to join forces in shaping the next quantum leap and propelling humanity towards a future defined by innovation, collaboration, and boundless possibilities.




As the event concluded, participants departed with renewed enthusiasm and a shared vision of harnessing advanced digital technologies for sustainable progress. Vernewell’s journey towards a sustainable future, driven by innovation, capacity building, and the visionary perspective of the esteemed speakers, ignites a spark of inspiration for individuals and organizations alike. The event served as a testament to the transformative power of digital innovation, where technological advancements converge with environmental stewardship, leading the way to a better tomorrow.


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