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Disrupting the Cosmos: Pioneering Legal, Economic, and Sustainable Frontiers in the New Space Age


Mrs. Malak Trabelsi Loeb

Venue: In-Person Dubai, UAE and Online

Duration: 5 hours 

Category: Business, Innovation, Law, Space Economy, Commercial Space, Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, New Space

Facilitator: Mrs. Malak Trabelsi Loeb 

Participants: Forward-Thinking Entrepreneurs, Start-ups, Space Industry Professionals, Legal Advisors, Policymakers, and Sustainability Experts

Prerequisites: A passion for space, an understanding of the space industry and legal frameworks, and a desire to explore the commercialization of space activities from legal, economic, and sustainability perspectives with a disruptive mindset.

Aim of the Workshop:

Workshop Description

Workshop Outcome

Participants will learn the following:

This trailblazing workshop will ignite Participants’ disruptive mindset, equipping them with the legal, economic, and sustainability knowledge and strategies necessary to pioneer the new frontiers of space commercialization, seize emerging business opportunities, and drive responsible growth and development in the space industry.

4900 AED


This course includes: