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Leading through change: Navigating uncertainty in a fast-paced world


Mrs. Malak Trabelsi Loeb

Venue: In- Person in Dubai, UAE and Online

Category: Soft Skills

Duration: 4 hours

Facilitator: Mrs. Malak Trabelsi Loeb 

Participants: Executives, Managers, team Leaders, and Supervisors.

Prerequisites: This workshop is designed for leaders at all levels who want to enhance their leadership skills and drive organizational success.

Aim of the Workshop

Workshop Description

What will you learn?

Participants will learn the following:

By the end of this workshop, Participant will have a comprehensive understanding of how to effectively lead through change and uncertainty in today’s fast-paced business landscape. They will have gained practical knowledge and skills to apply immediately to their work environment, positioning them to become successful and inspiring leaders.

Whether you’re a seasoned leader or looking to develop your leadership potential, this workshop is perfect for you. Take advantage of this opportunity to become the leader your team needs in today’s ever-changing world.

Join us now and lead with confidence!

4900 AED


This course includes: