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MadSkills Positive Neuron Enabled Workshop - Stage 1 (PNE 1)


Dr. Nabil El Kadhi

Welcome to the initial stage of the first module in our MadSkills training/workshop series, designed to help you unlock your hidden potential. This two-level module requires no specific prerequisites, allowing individuals from all walks of life to join in and actively participate. Your inspiration and engagement will serve as the driving force to help you delve deeper into discovering and nurturing your innate talents. Embark on this transformative journey with us as we explore innovative techniques and strategies to cultivate motivation, appreciation, and determination both personally and professionally.

Venue: In Person, UAE, and Online

Category: Mad-Skills – Soft Skills – Behavioral Techniques

Facilitator: Dr. Nabil El Kadhi

Participants: Mid-level Management, Executive, Team leaders, Team Member, Start-up members.

Pre-Requisite: This Workshop can be adopted to people from various backgrounds as it is scenario-based and depends on the individuals’ experience within the group.

Language: Available in English and Arabic


Workshop Description

Workshop Outcome

Upon completing this workshop, participants will have gained the following knowledge and skills:

3D render of a brain with lightening bolts


This course includes: