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Contributing to the Quantum Leap into the Cosmos through education

The online courses offered by Vernewell Academy are designed to provide participants a continuous leaning experience from a discovery level to advanced level.


Pre-Launch Stage

Discovery Level

Launch Stage

Beginner Level

Stage One

Intermediary Level

Stage Two

Advanced Level

In Orbit Stage

Expert Level



The Pre-Launch Stage is the foundation and the building block of a greater towers of knowledge. This stage provides the knowledge with fun, basic definitions, and simplified explanations.

This stage enables the introduction to foundational ideas, broad areas of study, general introductions to concepts and systems, and innovative thought processes.



The Launch Stage builds confidence and enables to build further informative thoughts. This tier explores greater specifics and adds complexity, while not straying far into advanced math, chemistry, physics, and other disciplines.

This stage also contains courses that begin at-home exploration, with labs and easily obtained support materials acquired by the user or by the educator. 



The Stage One is intermediary stage between the beginner and the advanced levels, and to be prepared with the assumption that the content and skills as outlined in the learning standards for science, math, physics, and technology, at the beginner level have been taught previously. This level focuses on understanding important relationships, processes, mechanisms, and applications of concepts. 

Future assessments will test learners’ ability to explain, analyze, and interpret scientific processes and phenomena more than their ability to recall specific facts. It is hoped that the general nature of these statements will encourage the teaching of science for understanding, instead of for memorization. The central purpose is to master and develop explanations of natural phenomena in a continuing, creative process.



The Stage Two begins the opening of courses into more advanced concepts, allowing a tiered approach to structured courses that expand beyond the Launch tier, but fall short of the Orbit Tier designation. This stage is designated also to delineate between courses that fall within this tier and build on one another toward the In-Orbit Stage. This stage is also where more advanced labs can be integrated with materials provided.



This stage assumes that the learner has all requisite knowledge necessary to understand the course presented has been obtained. This stage is also used for business and enterprise-level courses aimed at processes to improve business operations and integrate new concepts into corporations. 

The In-Orbit Level also contains management development courses and courses designed to build leadership skills and includes hybrid, and in-person workshops.